View of Manhattan from a Weill Cornell Medicine housing option.

Postdoctoral Associates

Weill Cornell Medicine maintains a limited number of apartments for full-time postdoctoral associates and their families. Placement priority is given to newly-recruited postdocs. 

For single persons who are housed with a roommate(s) during their tenure at WCM, please review our suggested guidelines for sharing living space.

FAQs for Postdoctoral Associates

How do I apply for housing?

Once you sign your appointment letter, ask your department to provide you with a housing application. Postdoc housing inventory is limited, so please complete the application and submit it to us as soon as possible. Learn more about the housing application process.

Are all postdocs eligible for housing?

Yes, all Post Docs are eligible, but housing is not guaranteed. Newly-recruited postdocs receive priority for housing placement.

Is a security deposit required?

A security deposit is required for Sutton Terrace.  WCM collects a one-time, non-refundable, move-in fee for Riverwalk and Southtown. 

How do I set up utilities?

Water and heat are included in all properties, but you are responsible for gas, electricity, cable, and internet. You must set up your utility account with Con Edison—NYC’s gas and electric provider— prior to moving in. You may contact a local provider for cable TV and/or internet service anytime.

Does WCM offer postdoc housing anywhere other than Roosevelt Island?

The majority of Post Docs reside on Roosevelt Island, but placements are also made at Sutton Terrace.

How long can I live in WCM housing?

Postdocs can live in WCM housing for up to five years or when the appointment is terminated, whichever occurs first. We will send you a reminder before your housing eligibility ends so you can begin looking for off-campus accommodations. 

What happens to my housing if I’m no longer employed by Weill Cornell Medicine?

If your employment with WCM ends for any reason, you have up to three days from your employment end date to vacate your apartment.

Are pets permitted in postdoc housing?

Pets are permitted at Southtown, Riverwalk, and Sutton Terrace, but approval is required before any pet is harbored. For Riverwalk and Southtown, please visit the main desk at 465 Main Street; for Sutton Terrace, please visit the management office. Be advised an annual pet fee is levied by the Riverwalk Condominium Association, which is paid directly to it.

May I have visitors in my apartment?

WCM maintains strict visitor policies. Visitors are permitted, but if you live with a roommate, you must obtain their permission before hosting an overnight guest. If you have a long-term guest (up to two weeks), you must register them at the 465 Main Street Concierge Desk or with the Sutton Terrace Management Office. In the event unauthorized persons are determined by WCM to be domiciled, Housing is subject to immediate termination.

Are apartments fully furnished?

Apartments are not furnished. You may order furniture to be delivered to your new address on or after your move-in date. Storage space is not available, and other than a “bed-in-a-box,” we cannot receive furniture orders before your move-in date. If you have furniture delivered, the delivery company must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

I pay my housing fee via payroll deduction and I’m moving out of WCM housing. When will my payroll deductions stop?

If you pay your housing fee via payroll deduction, make sure to consider the WCM payroll calendar when determining your move-out date. Your payroll deductions will only be canceled once you fully vacate your apartment and check out. If you move out after the Sunday of a payroll week, you will be charged your housing fee in that week’s paycheck and then credited in the following paycheck. 

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