Bedroom inside of a Weill Cornell Medicine housing apartment.


Weill Cornell Medicine guarantees housing for incoming, single MD, MD-PhD, and PhD students. First-year students are placed in Olin Hall, which is across the street from our main campus. Depending on availability, some first-year PhD students may be placed in Memorial Sloan Kettering residences. After the first year, students in Olin Hall move to accommodations in other buildings that offer a range of room styles and price points. Housing placement is determined by a lottery based upon the year of the student. While we are unable to accommodate every request, we strive to meet as many students’ preferences as possible.

Family housing is not guaranteed, but we do our best to accommodate incoming married couples, domestic partners, and families. If family accommodations are not available, we help students navigate the private rental market.

FAQs for Students

How do I apply for housing?

The application process depends on your program and whether you are single or moving with your family. Learn more about the application process

I want to move out of Weill Cornell housing. What do I need to do?

You can move out of WCM housing at any time. Please complete an Intent to Vacate Form and send it to us at least 30 days before to your move. For details on how to return your keys and prepare your apartment/room, please review the move-out procedure for your building.

If I move off-campus and want to come back to WCM housing, am I guaranteed a room/space?

We try to accommodate all housing requests, but cannot guarantee a placement.  Assignments are based on available rooms/apartments in our inventory.  

What is a housing agreement?

A housing agreement is an understanding between a resident and Housing which outlines the terms and conditions of your stay in housing.  Each time you move to a new room or apartment, you need to sign a new housing agreement.  

Are security deposits required?

Security deposits are not required for student housing.

Can I have a pet in my room/apartment?

Pets are prohibited in all WCM student housing buildings. Failure to comply with the pet policy will result in a $500 fine and possible termination of housing.  

How do I pay my housing fees?

Your payment process depends on which educational program you are enrolled in. Learn more.

Is on-campus housing available for visiting students conducting a rotation or elective program?

Due to housing demand and availability, we are unable to offer temporary housing at this time.  We typically refer students seeking short-term housing to, which is geared towards the medical student community and lists temporary accommodations and share opportunities.  For more details about off-campus accommodations, you can review our New York City rental market resources or contact us.

What should I do if I lose my keys or I’m locked out of my room/apartment?

  • If you lock yourself out of your apartment, you can pick up a loan key for 24 hours from the Housing Service Desk in Olin Hall.
  • If you lose your keys, please notify the us immediately by visiting the Housing Service Desk in Olin Hall or calling (646) 962-2525. We will replace the lock on your door and provide you with new keys. We charge a $100 fee for lock/key replacements. 

What should I do if I have a disability that may affect my housing assignment?

The Weill Cornell Medical College’s (which includes the Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences) Disability Services are dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Federal law states that no qualified student will be excluded, denied participation, or subjected to discrimination from any program or activity.

For more information about the process of requesting services or accommodations for a disability, please review the Student Disability Services page. Please do not submit any medical or other documentation regarding a disability to the Housing Office.


I pay my housing fee via payroll deduction and I’m moving out of WCM housing. When will my payroll deductions stop?

If you pay your housing fee via payroll deduction, make sure to consider the WCM payroll calendar when determining your move-out date. Your payroll deductions will only be canceled once you fully vacate your apartment and check out. If you move out after the Sunday of a payroll week, you will be charged your housing fee in that week’s paycheck and then credited in the following paycheck. 

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