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  • Stahl Rental Office | 212-879-8020 | 415 East 64th Street

Spectrum Internet Access

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Building Access & Keys

Your keys open the main door of the building and your apartment. If you lose your keys and need to replace them, contact the Weill Cornell Medicine Housing Office. You may sign out a loaner key for 24 hours (with proper identification) at the Olin Hall lobby desk.

Packages and Mail

USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other mail and delivery services will deliver items to the vestibule of your building.


Visitors can access the vestibule of the building and call your apartment using the intercom system. Once you confirm who the visitor is via the intercom, press a button on the intercom to unlock the main building door to let them in. Alternatively, you can walk down to meet them in the lobby. For your security and the security of your fellow residents, never let an unknown visitor into the building.


Stahl buildings are patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day. If you have a security issue or emergency:

  • Emergencies: Dial 911 immediately
  • Damaged locks: Contact the Rental Office at 212-879-8020.
  • General Concerns: Contact NYP Security at 212-746-0911.

Internet/Cable TV

Weill Cornell Medicine provides WiFi internet in Stahl through Spectrum. To access the network, your device must be tagged by Weill Cornell ITS. Cable TV is not provided through WCM and may be purchased separately with either Spectrum or another vendor.

Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance request, please contact the Stahl Rental Office by phone at 212-879-8020 or in-person at 415 East 64th Street (first floor). They are open seven days a week from 8 AM-midnight.

If there is a maintenance emergency—such as an issue with your door lock, an overflowing sink due to a clogged drain, or other urgent problem—please also contact the Rental Office. After hours, you will connected with the on-call superintendent.


Laundry facilities are located in the basement of 401 East 64th Street. The laundry room is open daily from  8 AM-9 PM. There are also a number of laundromats located nearby.


You are responsible for cleaning your apartment and purchasing any related supplies. Garbage chutes are located on each floor, while recycling should be placed in designated bins located on the ground floor of your building.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are located in every apartment. You are responsible for replacing detector batteries and keeping them in good working order. Please report any malfunctions to the Rental Office at 212-879-8020.

Floor Coverings

To reduce the level of noise and decrease the risk of disturbing the neighbors below, we require 80% of your floor area to be carpeted. You will need to place area rugs and a runner throughout your apartment.

Stahl House Rules

Stahl buildings are made up of a variety of tenants, just a portion of which are Weill Cornell Medicine students. As you join the Stahl community, we ask that you exhibit respectful and professional behavior and serve as ambassadors for our institution.

Your Housing License Agreement outlines detailed terms for our residents, and we’ve highlighted a few tips below for fostering positive relationships with your new Weill Cornell and non-Weill Cornell neighbors.


  • Be mindful of noise levels. Whether you're listening to music, hosting a group study session, watching TV, or just walking through the hallway, make sure your noise levels won't disturb or annoy your neighbors. As a general rule, quiet hours should be observed from 11 PM - 7 AM on weekdays and midnight - 9 AM on weekends. Note that rugs and floor coverings are required and help to reduce noise levels.
  • Respect common areas. Lobbies, hallways, stairwells, and other common areas should not be used to store personal items (e.g., bicycles, boxes), hang laundry to dry, or hang out with friends. Also, do not place decorations, signs, or other materials in these common areas.
  • Dispose of garbage and recycling properly. Garbage chutes are located on every floor, and recycling bins are located on the ground floor. Please don't leave any garbage or recycling in the hallway outside your door.
  • Report water leaks and maintenance issues right away. Water can damage your apartment and belongings, as well as the apartments and belongings of your downstairs neighbors. If  you see a leak or other maintenance issue that could affect you or others in the building, contact Stahl Rental Office at 212-879-8020.
  • Don't place anything on or outside of your windows. You're welcome to hang curtains over your windows, but please don't place, attach, or install anything on or outside of your windows, such as signs, lights, windows boxes, drying laundry, or other items.
  • Take steps to control odors. Objectionable odors can disrupt your neighbors as much as objectionable noise levels. Help keep odors in check by cleaning your kitchen and dishes after cooking, appropriately disposing of garbage and food waste, and keeping your apartment tidy.
  • Smoking is prohibited in your apartment, building common areas, and within 50 feet of any entrance or exit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing Office at 646-962-2525 or email

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