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Please follow the steps below if you're moving off-campus or to another building within Weill Cornell Medicine. You can also download this Move-Out Checklist for easy reference.

1. Find out your move date. 

  • MD Students: Near the end of your housing eligibility period, Housing staff will send you a reminder that includes the date you need to vacate your apartment/room.
  • PhD Students: PhD students are required to vacate WCM/MSK housing within 60 days following their final examination date.

If you wish to move out before the end of your eligibility period, please notify us at least one month prior to your move-out date by submitting a Vacate Notice Form to student-housing@med.cornell.edu.

2. Have cable TV, internet, or a land phone line? Disconnect your service. Notify your cable, internet, and/or phone provider that you need to end your service. The effective date must be before the date you vacate your apartment, and you must schedule any needed equipment pick-ups (e.g. cable boxes, routers, etc.) before you leave. Housing is not responsible for returning any equipment or allowing service providers into a vacant apartment.

3. Contact ConEdison to end your electric and gas services. If you don’t cancel these services, ConEdison will continue to bill you even after you move out. 

4. File a change of address with the US Postal Service. You can file your request online. Any mail that arrives at 77th Street after you move out will be returned to the post office.

5. Clean your apartment. Please pack all of your belongings, sweep the floor and remove any décor from the walls. Please also remove all food items from their kitchen, defrost the refrigerator, and clean appliances and all surfaces.

Once we receive your keys, we will inspect your apartment/room for any cleaning issues or damages beyond normal wear and tear. If necessary, we will charge you any applicable fees. 

6. On your move-out day, complete a Check Out Form and return your keys. Please bring the form and keys to the Housing Service Desk in the Olin Hall lobby. You—the resident—must return these items in person. Do not give your keys to a roommate, friend or family member 

As you move your belongings, please keep safety in mind. Do not prop open any doors, leave your items unattended on the street, or leave your vehicle unlocked. 

7. Make your final payment.

Housing charges are billed according to the date you completely vacate your apartment/room and return your keys. If you're transferring, Housing charges for your new unit are billed according to the date pick up your new keys.

Move Out of WCM Housing

Day of the Month Keys ReturnedAmount Charged
1-71/4 of the monthly charge
8-141/2 of the monthly charge
15-213/4 of the monthly charge
22- End of the monthFull monthly charge

Transfer Within WCM Housing

Day of the Month Keys Picked UpAmount Charged for New UnitAmount Charged for Old Unit
1-7Full monthly chargeNo charge
8-143/4 of the monthly charge1/4 of the monthly charge
15-211/2 of the monthly charge1/2 of the monthly charge
22- 281/4 of the monthly charge3/4 of the monthly charge
29-31No chargeFull monthly charge
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