Student Family Housing

Weill Cornell Medicine offers housing for students and their spouses/domestic partners, children, and qualifying IRS dependents. We have apartments for families in Lasdon House, 77th Street, and Memorial Sloan Kettering residences (PhD students only). For full details on family housing eligibility and the application and assignments process, please refer to our Student Family Housing Policy.

How to Apply

Submit a Student Family Housing Application and all required supporting documentation to the Housing Office at Required documents vary based on the family members you plan to live with: 

  • Spouse: A copy of a valid marriage certificate. 
  • Domestic Partner: A copy of a valid Domestic Partnership Certificate. (Please note: WCM property addresses cannot be used for Domestic Partner Certificates.)
  • Child(ren): A copy of a valid birth certificate, adoption papers, or passport indicating the parentage of the child. An application for adoption will not be accepted.
  • Qualifying IRS Dependent: A copy of your United States federal tax return for the tax year before the date of your application for family housing. 

Assignments are based on available inventory. If a family housing apartment is not available at the time you submit your application, we will place you on our student family housing waitlist.

Off-Campus Accommodations

If you’re looking for off-campus accommodations for you and your family, please refer to our Off-Campus Housing Resources page or contact us for a referral to our preferred broker.

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