Lasdon House Fitness Center

The Weill Cornell Medicine Housing Office is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all students who utilize our residential buildings. As part of this commitment, we temporarily closed on-campus fitness centers due to the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in the tri-state region and the risk of virus transmission in indoor spaces. 

As COVID-19 cases have begun to decline and vaccine administration continues for NYS-eligible groups, we understand that students are eager to access fitness spaces again. To meet this need, the Housing Office will open two fitness spaces in Lasdon House beginning on Wednesday, March 24, in accordance with New York State Department of Health requirements. These spaces have undergone enhancements by Engineering & Maintenance to meet state requirements and have been assessed by Environmental Health & Safety to set strict capacity and social distancing guidelines. 

Please note that:

  • One hour fitness center sessions must be booked online in advance (note that a CWID and password are required for booking site access). Bookings may be made up to one week in advance. Spaces include: 
    • cardio room on the 5th floor, which has been recongifugred to meet social distancing and capacity guidelines. When booking your session, you can select a bike, elliptical, or treadmill.   
    • weight room in the basement. The current fitness center has been repurposed as a weight lifting-only space. 
  • Students who wish to use Lasdon fitness spaces must complete weekly testing through the Student Surveillance Testing Program. (If a student wishes to use fitness spaces, but is enrolled in bi-weekly testing through the Surveillance Testing Program, they must complete tests in their off-weeks via the Supplemental Testing option in Daily Check.)
  • Students must check in at the Housing Office on Lasdon 5 immediately before their session. Students must display their booking confirmation email and their WCM COVID-19 Daily Attestation clearance email for that day. 
  • If you cannot attend a session, you must cancel it online. To cancel or reschedule a booking, use the link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email or in the event in your Outlook calendar. 
  • If a student violates fitness center policies, they will no longer be permitted to use WCM fitness spaces. The Housing Office will also notify their educational program.  

Please refer to the full policy below for more details. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Housing Office at

Lasdon House Fitness Center Policy


Matriculated students of Weill Cornell Medical College and Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences are eligible to use fitness spaces if they are: 

  • enrolled in the WCM Student COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program, and
  • complete testing weekly through the program. 

If a student wishes to use fitness spaces, but is enrolled in bi-weekly testing through the Surveillance Testing Program, they must complete tests in their off-weeks via the Supplemental Testing option in Daily Check. Students are encouraged to schedule each supplemental test one week after their assigned bi-weekly Surveillance Testing Program day.  

Eligible students are not permitted to use fitness spaces if they are not cleared for on-campus activities under the current Student Health Services guidelines.


A. Space Capacity & Types
The Housing Office will offer two fitness spaces in Lasdon House: 

  • Cardio Rooms: The Lasdon House 5th floor student space has been repurposed as a cardio fitness space. Bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines have been spaced throughout common areas to ensure social distancing.
    • LH-557: 2-person capacity
    • LH-553: 2-person capacity
    • LH-549: 3-person capacity
  • Weight Room: 4-person capacity
    The current fitness center in the Lasdon House basement will be used exclusively as a weightlifting space. 

Booking Process

Students must book fitness space sessions in advance using an online booking system managed by the Housing Office. Walk-ins are not permitted

  • All sessions are one hour.
  • Appointments may be booked up to a week in advance.
  • Students may not book more than one session per day. 
  • Please use your WCM email when booking. Students will receive a booking confirmation email that they must retain and display to Housing Office staff when checking in to use the space. 
  • If a student cannot attend their booked session, they must cancel it via the online booking system. A cancellation link is available in their initial booking email. 
    • If a student misses three bookings without canceling, they will no longer be permitted to utilize WCM fitness spaces. 


All students must check in with Housing Office staff on the 5th floor of Lasdon House immediately before their session and display:

Session Guidelines

  • Each session is limited to one hour. 
  • While utilizing fitness spaces, students must: 
    • Wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times.
    • Maintain 6 feet or more of distance from others. 
    • Wipe down equipment after use with provided disinfecting wipes/spray.
  • Students must follow instructions on all posted signage. 
  • Equipment is placed throughout each space to meet social distancing guidelines, while certain equipment has been taken offline to ensure appropriate spacing. Students are not permitted to move equipment, remove signage, or use equipment that is offline. 
  • After each one-hour session, the space will be fully closed for cleaning. All students must vacate the space at that time.   
  • Fitness spaces will be monitored by Housing Office staff to ensure students comply with health and safety guidelines. 


Compliance with the policies outlined above will be monitored by the Housing Office. 

  • If a student violates this policy, they will no longer be permitted to use WCM fitness spaces. The Housing Office will also notify their educational program.  
  • In the event of frequent policy violations by multiple students, the Housing Office will close fitness spaces in order to protect the health and safety of our student community. 


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