2024-2025 Housing Reassignment Process

The 2024 - 2025 Student Housing Reassignment Application will open March 1 and is your opportunity to share your housing preferences for the 2024 - 2025 academic year. 

The Housing Office suggests students who were unable to attend the in-person or online Housing Reassignment Process Overview with Tim Moran, Director of Housing Programs, please review the recorded version of the online session below. Detailed information about eligibility, application deadlines, and the points and lottery system that guides the reassignment process is discussed.

2024 - 2025 Housing Reassignment

The annual housing reassignment process is open to all single Weill Cornell Medicine MD, PhD, and MD-PhD students who live in WCM or Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) housing, as well as those off-campus.

  • If you are a first-year student in Olin Hall, we strongly encourage you to participate in the process. We need to move all 1st-year students in Olin to new buildings to make way for the incoming class, and if you do not list specific preferences, we will place you based on availability.
  • If you are a second-year student or above and:
    • Want to move to a new unit type or building? This is your opportunity. 
    • Don’t wish to request new accommodations? You can remain in your current assignment. We just ask that you submit a housing survey in March (outlined below) to let us know that you plan to stay. 
  • If you live off-campus and would like to move into on-campus housing, you are welcome to submit an application as part of the reassignment process.

Application Timeline

The reassignment application process will take place in two parts. To help students plan roommate group requests for shared housing later in the month, applicants will find out if they have received new assignments at each stage of the process.

  • March 1 – 15: Stahl Application. Students interested in moving to a studio apartment in Stahl are welcome to submit an online application (available March 1). Housing will notify applicants during the week of March 25 if they received a Stahl assignment. If you wish to 
  • April 5 - April 19: Shared Housing Application. After Stahl assignments are complete, we will open our shared housing application for students who would like to move into Lasdon House or MSK housing. Shared Housing assignments will be made the week of May 13. (If you applied for a Stahl studio and did not receive an assignment, please fill out the Shared Housing Application.)
    • Olin Hall residents are strongly encouraged to complete this application, or they will be placed on availability. (Current Olin Hall residents must relocate in order to make room for 2024-2025 first-year students.)
    • Lasdon House residents should submit the application survey if they wish to request an MSK unit, or live with different roommates within Lasdon.
    • Stahl residents should submit an application if they wish to request an MSK or Lasdon unit.
    • All MSK students are asked to share plans for 2024-2025 and, if desired, apply for a Lasdon unit.

2024-2025 Student Housing Options

  • All MD students and year 1-4 MD-PhD students: Olin Hall, Lasdon House, and Stahl.
  • All PhD students and year 5+ MD-PhD students: Olin Hall, Lasdon House, Stahl, and Memorial Sloan Kettering residences

Reassignment Points & Lottery System

In order to conduct assignments for specific buildings and unit types, each student will be assigned points based on their resident status and current year in their program. To ensure we can vacate all 1st-year students from Olin Hall, and because of the popularity of MSK residences among PhD students, WCM building residents receive higher point values than MSK building residents and off-campus students.

Point structure:

  • All off-campus students  |  MSK residents, 1st year: 1 point 
  • WCM residents, 1st year  |  MSK residents, 2nd year: 2 points 
  • WCM residents, 2nd year  |  MSK residents, 3rd year: 3 points 
  • WCM residents, 3rd year|  MSK residents, 4th year: 4 points  

If you want to move into a shared apartment with a roommate group, your group’s point value will be the average of the group members’ points. For example, a group that consists of two students with four points and one student with one point will have a roommate group point value of three points.

Once all students/roommate groups are assigned point values, Housing orders applicants/roommate groups accordingly. Assignments will be made to those with the highest points first. If demand exceeds inventory for certain buildings or unit types, we will hold lotteries for those assignments in the order listed below.

Reassignment Process Timeline

  1. Submit an application. Students who wish to request new accommodations submit a reassignment application online. Note that we are asking all students, even if they do not want to move or if they anticipate moving off-campus, to still complete a survey when prompted. 
  2. Housing reviews housing preferences. Housing assigns points to applicants and conducts lotteries as needed. 
  3. Receive your assignment. If we’re able to place you in a new assignment, we will notify you of your new building and unit number. (Note: All 1st-year students in Olin will receive new assignments.)
  4. Move to your new assignment. As rooms are vacated by graduating or moving students, you’ll be notified when your new assignment is ready for you to move in.

To ensure we can move students to their new assignments before the new academic year begins, we cannot accommodate room changes or new roommate requests until the reassignment process concludes.


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