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Family Housing

Limited family housing is available for students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty members. Eligible family members include your spouse/domestic partner, child(ren), and qualifying IRS dependent. You can learn more about eligibility guidelines in our Family Housing Policy and Affidavit.

How to Apply

  • Incoming faculty members and postdocs: Request a housing application from your hiring department and then submit the following to the Housing Office:
    • Your housing application (make sure to list all family members you wish to reside with)
    • Notarized Family Housing Affidavit
    • All required supporting documentation
  • Incoming students: After you’re accepted by your educational program, please submit the following to the Housing Office:
  • Current faculty, postdoc, and student residents: Please submit the following to the Housing Office:

We will review your application, and based on your family size and our anticipated housing inventory, we will let you know if we can accommodate you by your start/status change date. If family housing will not be available, we can place you on our wait list or refer you to our preferred broker who can help you find an apartment in the private rental market that meets your family’s needs.

Required Documents

You’ll need to submit copies of documents that confirm your relationship with your family member(s). All documentation must be valid at the time of application, and you must submit it to the Housing Office at the time of your application by mail or in-person. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Married Couples: Copy of valid marriage certificate.
  • Children: Copy of valid birth certificate, adoption papers, or passport indicating the parentage of the child. 
  • Domestic Partners: A combination of documents outlined below to reach a total of 4 points. Note that each document must have pre-existed for the immediate six months preceding the date of your application.
    1. You must provide a copy of your NYC Certificate of Domestic Partnership (2 points)
    2. You must also provide copies of additional supporting documentation, which can be any combination of the following:
      • A valid joint lease or mortgage documentation that demonstrates having lived together on a continuous basis and within the immediate six months prior to submitting an application for housing. (2 points)
      • Ownership of an actively used joint bank account and/or joint credit account. (1 point)
      • Designation of a domestic partner as a primary beneficiary in a will or trust document. (1 point)
      • Joint ownership of a vehicle. (1 point)
      • Assignment of durable property or health care power of attorney to domestic partner. (1 point)
      • Designation of domestic partner as beneficiary for life insurance or retirement benefits. (1 point)
      • Other: Please contact the Housing Office to discuss if another form of documentation may be acceptable.
  • Qualifying IRS Dependent: Your United States federal tax return for the tax year before the date of your application for family housing.


If you have any questions about family housing—whether you’re a potential or current Weill Cornell Medicine student or employee—please contact us.

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